This Week’s Reads

‘Twas a week of non-fiction too dull to even consider summarizing, so I leave you with my closing thoughts on Every Mountain Made Low.

Alex White’s Every Mountain Made Low
Alternative History Fantasy, Finished
Loxley Fiddleback can see the dead,but the problem is… the dead can see her. Living in the bottom of the cutthroat, strip-mined metropolis hasn’t helped much either. When she discovers the body of her best friend, she realizes she’s the only one will do anything about it.

Let me start by making a quick edit to the genre. This is actually alternate history, not secondary world. It looks like the timeline diverged during the Industrial Revolution, resulting in stronger and more damaging monopolies than in our current timeline.

Although character is always in the forefront of Every Mountain Made Low, as the story goes on the plot definitely takes a front seat. By the end we were solidly in a revenge story, with much blood and dashing around various locales. Still, Loxley’s emotional peaks and valleys was amazingly done. The struggle to fit into society and to be kind to those who are important is wonderfully balanced with a desire to be accepted for her way with interacting with the world and allowed to be mean sometimes. The story never tries to suggest that this is a struggle with simply pop out of existence with the happy ending. Loxley’s life is a struggle, but she’s doing what she can to enjoy it and be okay with it for what it is.

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